I decided to support the band Midi Lidi I randomly came across on the internets by visiting their concert. It was also the first time I visited the Meet Factory – a perceived Mecca of Prague artists and intellectuals.


  • Concert hall was non-smoking.
  • Nice gesture when they baptised a link to uloz.to instead of physical medium.
  • Parody of “Co je nejkrásnější” nationalist song.


  • Despite concert was advertised to start at 20:30, Midi Lidi were scheduled only at 22:15 (there were other musicians performing before them).
    • There was also an exhibition, which I didn’t grasp. I liked the quote “I’ll send the army of sociologists!” though.
  • However, they still started almost at 23:00 (on Monday(!), cf. Mucha).
  • Sound quality was very poor.
    • Very loud, my ears were overdriven into non-linear mode.
    • Low ratio of vocals and instruments.
  • People density was (locally) very high.

The band

  • Was it playback or did they perform live?
  • Signer/dancer, women dancer/lysophonist (clarinetist), flegmatic drummer, guitarist.


  • Most people around my age, skewed to the olders.
  • People without collars were dancing (I had a polo shirt so I didn’t dance :-).
    • Music and Midi Lidi supported the dance.
  • A guy decided to “swim” on people’s hands. I was afraid he’d get above me, it happened and he fell down :-p