The band

  • the band consists of four people: two guitar players, one drummer and the singer (Nikola Muchová, she’s the most prominent)
  • they started late
  • she stylizes herself into role of a mother (Mama Mucha)
    • breast-feeding references
    • response to passing ambulance: “You’re gonna wake my baby!”
  • also reminds train as traveling means
    • dedication of song to vomitting boy in the train
    • referencing their journey
  • she seems gaining weight in comparison what I saw on the internets (old videos)
  • taking photo of audience for her grandmother


  • most of them I had already known
  • some new
    • Nána, Romka, Pan Píča, Pozdě se zamilovat, over-eating, Za všechno může matka, Heil Hispter, Slovenský pop
  • some were with no deeper idea, just shocking (Pan Píča)
    • thanks to that she won’t be too mainstream
  • again combining languages
    • English, German, Slovak


  • group of gipsies (curiosity)
  • heavy (i.e. loads of iron) punker (only one)
  • teenagers (50 %)
  • people around my age (40 %)
    • mixed weed smokers, bad language speakers, also some “burgeois” like me
    • smokers all around
  • even some older people (10 %)
  • people mostly in groups (couples or groups of friends)
  • people close to stage danced wildly (~pogo)
  • other people swang from side to side or moved their heads rhythmically

My behavior

  • I thought I’d repay all the pirate copies I downloaded, unfortunately the concert was free – I wonder who paid it
  • I was lucky to keep my invariant of not visiting the Cross Club – it was on the outdoor premises only
  • I stood all the time, held cup of lemonade and I was thinking – taking the lyrics into account too
  • later I also had “urge” to rhythmically move (e.g. clap with foot) and I resisted :-)


  • volume too high, my hearing perception was distorted (due to non-linearity)
    • and tinnitus afterwards