This summary for me. Don’t rely on it, the information here may get outdated.

Most probable troubles:

  • car accident
  • old/ill person collapse (heart attack, diabetes)
  • injury during sports/outdoor activity

1. Danger

  • protect yourself

2. Response/rescue

  • call, shake
  • unconsciousness -> call help

3. Airways

  • tilt head backwards, open mouth

4. Breathing

  • reliable breathing (not gasping)

5. Circulation

  • Stain Alive rhythm, 100–120 bpm, >5 cm amplitude
  • no breathing in
  • keep cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) until handover to professionals
  • risk of CPRing “healthy” person is low, so start always

Remote help

  • call 155 in the Czech Republic (directly)
  • call 112 in other European countries (don’t call this in CR, it’s one more hop)

Injuries (TODO)

  • pressure bandage
  • splint