Day 00 (2016-07-24)

  • boarding a night train to Slovakia with bicycles
  • scheduled departure 23:09 (actual departure about a quarter hour later)
  • sleeping on the train, not supercomfy but still better than plain seats
  • bicycles hanging in a different carriage – no problem (had locks)

Day 01 (2016-07-25)

  • sleeping: field near Taktakenéz (many mosquitos)
  • daily stats: 105.78 km, 5:19:35, max 44.75 km/h, avg 19.86 km/h
  • visiting Tokaj (goulash with tarhonya, prominent hill with vineyards, Tisza+Bodrog confluence)
  • many villages host nests for storks
  • accident: Ivo hit Michal’s rear wheel while drafting and fell off the bike, no serious injury luckily

Day 02 (2016-07-26)

  • morning: wakeup: 7:00, departure: 9:00
  • sleeping: 21:30, vineyard near Egerszalok
  • daily stats: 113.47 km, 6:44:34, max 46.56 km/h, avg 16.83 km/h
  • Miskolc
    • observed a whirlwind on Miskolc suburbs
    • quite a developed (indicated by renovated facades of panel houses) and large city (crowded streets)
  • passing the Bukki national park
    • long gradual climb (~10 km, 3%)
    • after a rain, 100% moisture, perspiration didn’t work
  • downhill ride ending in Eger
    • the castle was closing when we arrived
    • groomed and crowded park with a fountain
  • the day we learnt about Hungarian public hydrants
    • very welcomed refreshment
    • we originally thought it’s a pump, we were surprised by the stream intensity

Day 03 (2016-07-27)

  • morning: wakeup: 7:00, ready to go: 8:00 (a farmer in tractor was waiting for us to get out of the vineyard he was spraying), departure: 9:00
  • sleeping: 19:00 arrival in Gödöllő, 21:00 arrival in Budapest by train, sleeping in a hostel
  • daily stats: 107.41 km, 6:21:45, 50.75 km/h, avg 16.88 km/h
  • riding the (former) pusztas (agricultural: sunflowers, corn)
    • very flat terrain, straight road (like 5 kilometers without a turn), burning under the sun
    • melon-loaded lorry
  • in the evening we rode through a downpour (however we managed to dry ourselves before arriving in Gödöllő)
  • accident: Marek punctured his tube (actually pinched on a pothole)

Day 04 (2016-07-28)

  • morning: wakeup: 8:00
  • sleeping: staying one more night at the hostel
  • daily stats: 0 km, 0:00:00, max NaN km/h, avg NaN km/h
  • due to rainy weather we decided to stay in the city one more day (unplanned)
  • sightseeing in Buda and Pest
    • synagogue, basilica of St. Stephan
    • Danube – quite wide and flowing fast, greenish color
    • Buda castle, outlook on the center (e.g. the parliament)
  • in the evening looking for a typical Hungarian food
    • criteria: local cuisine, no tablecloth, no blinking neon signs, low price
    • result: Turkish fast food (Istanbul Török Étterem)

Day 05 (2016-07-29)

  • morning: check out at 10:30, 11:28 train to Györ, departure at 15:00
  • sleeping: 21:30, vineyard few kilometers from the Neusiedlersee
  • daily stats: 73.95 km, 3:59:44, max 28.46 km/h, avg 18.51 km/h
  • very flat terrain along the Mosoni-Duna river (see the maximum speed)
  • bourgeois dinner (goulash) in a pub near Austrian borders
  • the border pass was guarded by Austrian police
    • we noticed significantly better road surface after entering Austria
  • spectacular synchronized red blinking lights on array of wind turbines

Day 06 (2016-07-30)

  • morning: wake up at 7:20, no breakfast, departure at 8:45 (eating by Polendorf grocery store)
  • sleeping: 20:30, playground in Kirchau
  • daily stats: 84.49 km, 5:22:48, max 64.65 km/h, avg 15.70 km/h
  • 11:00 arrival to Polendorf port, 11:30 departure on a ship to Rust
  • after navigating through the Neusiedlersee entering first hills
  • 16:00–17:00 “lunch” break in Mattersburg
  • first climb to monumental Forchenstein castle, the village was spread above the castle though
    • spotting probably the first refugee family
  • we dodged rain, seeing only wet asphalt

Day 07 (2016-07-31)

  • morning: wake up at 7:00, departure at 9:45 (cooking oatmeal)
  • sleeping: unplanned interrupt 19:50 in Terz village due to thunderstorm, occupying a niche of a barn-like building
  • daily stats: 74.52 km, 5:21:52, max 63.47 km/h, avg 13.89 km/h
  • going the Mariazell Wanderweg (via Gscheidl pass) – it’s a hiking path, not for bicycles
    • almost every tree in the forest bears a sign of pilgrims (that we didn’t see though)
  • bathing in the Salza river
  • hitting a heavy rain with thunderstorm
    • lesson learnt:
      • poncho raincoat is useless for protecting sleeves
      • cycling shoes soak so much water – consider shoe cover
      • taillight isn’t waterproof – breaking the on/off button
      • SA bags aren’t fully waterproff neither

Day 08 (2016-08-01)

  • morning: wake up at 7:20, departure at 10:30 (drying our stuff on asphalt), departure from Mariazell at 13:00
  • sleeping: 20:20, meadow/field near Altenmarkt above Enns river
  • daily stats: 104.68 km, 5:24:49, max 55.91 km/h, avg 19.34 km/h
  • impressive visit of Mariazell basilica (there was a church service at that moment)
  • brunch in Mariazell Billa; the town is well equipped for tourists (e.g. Slav youth)
  • picturesque Salza river valley
    • clean quickly flowing river with high mountains above and quality road along
    • this is why you go to the Alps
    • popular also among canoeist (et al)
  • we hit another heavy rain, fortunately we were almost dry when reaching the overnight place
  • later continuing along the Enns river
    • many water power plants

Day 09 (2016-08-02)

  • morning: wake up ??, departure at 10:20
  • sleeping: 21:00, camp by the Pleshingersee (27 €, 4 persons, 2 tents)
  • daily stats: 112.86 km, 5:57:10, max 56.93 km/h, avg 18.96 km/h
  • riding along the Enns river, actually quite hilly (valley wider and hills lower)
  • Steyr – lunch in a restaurant, nice historical center
  • continuing on a flat cycling path to Danube confluence
  • sprinting in heavy headwind through industrial suburbs of Linz only to realize there are no hostels in Linz and returning along the river back to a camp

Day 10 (2016-08-03)

  • morning: wake up ??, departure at 8:45
  • daily stats: 14.06 km, 1:13:26, max 27.95 km/h, avg 11.49 km/h
  • sightseeing in Linz
    • very large cathedral – actually largest in Austria
  • taking a direct train to Prague (departure 11:30)