As part of my job, I spent two weeks working in Nürnberg (Nuremberg in English, I prefer local names when possible). First, read article on Wikipedia to get an idea how important Nürnberg was historically. I had left Prague in winter and when I returned there was spring already – this year I experienced the start of spring in Nürnberg. Below are some random, slightly categorized notes.


  • old but not fat
  • cycling
  • runners
    • don’t smile
    • don’t greet

Holy Roman style

  • historical core is not that big – though it was the whole town originally
  • the center seems quite empty and without traffic
    • this didn’t hold when I helped a miss with motor scooter that skidded on wet asphalt and we have to (with one more guy) put the machine on the pavement
  • historical center is quite different and bordered
  • many houses with graphics (reliefs) on them


  • the Hauptmarkt is not the main attraction, it’s the streets around
  • monumental castle (Kaiserburg) and fortifications
    • not sure what is real wall and what is just wrapped rock
    • north side is not so steep
  • non-aggressive tourist attractions (not like Prague plagued matriyoskas and glass)


  • short walk to work (I recalled my years in small town)
  • smaller offices (with less people)
  • more bounded working hours


  • bells at 9 o’clock (evening)
    • on Saturday 7 PM
  • German Google is different
    • image search shows the page
    • Fatboy Slim playlist (Fatboy slim best hits) contains copyrighted videos, GEMA
  • Laufzeitspeicher
    • interesting type of memory that I learnt about at exhibition at Museum Industriekultur