• I fantasized about actually working the first day.
  • In reality, onboarding procedures are quite lengthy.
  • I was amazed – my first regular job, own workplace, accounts etc.
    • Despite amazement, I should make some fuses that I don’t get into stereotype.
  • I liked the informal atmosphere, food and bicycle room.
  • I was overloaded with plethora of information.
    • Only after I got them all/complete I could decide what was important and what was just written and not stuck to.
  • Grandmother asked whether I have sufficient lunch meals :-)
  • I won’t write more, since I don’t have time and I don’t know what is internal information and what is just general observation.

Update week after: I understand the processes better. The more I know, the more funny I find my curious questions from the first day. Also my social awkwardness is striking me down a bit, I guess. (Update few more days later: better now, probably just mood fluctuations.)