Update 2015-08-02: I moved.

Recently, idea of using statically generated blog hosted on Github pages became quite appealing to me. Still I’m hesitating whether it’s worth moving from Dokuwiki.

Reasons for Dokuwiki

  • more user-friendly editor (not sure, think about Vim)
  • better integration with web (easier inclusion of figures)
  • preview feature
  • I already have some content – cost of migration
  • effectively static pages too (it’s cached)
  • easy to set up write access for BFUs (not only instead of comments)
  • accessible revisions/history (could be achieved with raw access to Git too)
  • neg: difficult creation of new posts (create link to it, the page and the title in the page)
  • neg: cannot stay on this university hosting

Reasons for git + page generator

  • free/reliable hosting at Github or anywhere else
  • offline editing of posts
  • can move/archive whole blog anywhere as a Git repository
  • smaller attack vector (they’re static pages)
  • neg: necessity to fill commit log messages

Generally good features

  • history of edits, possibility to “develop” posts
  • neg?: lack of comments/remarks (either third party or plugin)